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There is a Pianola Repair Company in Sydney!

Do you have one of those quaint instruments called a Player Piano or a Pianola? Is it your pride and joy? What would you say if you knew that it was possible to repair it and get it working like new? Thanks to the several choices for a Pianola repair company in Sydney, you have that option! Not only that but there is a company that still sells rolls for the Pianolas, enabling you to play original sounding music to the delight of your friends and family.

Maybe it's not a Pianola repair that you need. Perhaps you have a lovely Pianola but simply cannot keep it and are hoping to sell. Any Pianola repair company in Sydney can provide for you’re an appraisal and maybe even make you an offer. If nothing else, you’ll get great advice on what you’ll need to do before sale and what to charge.

Finally, maybe what you really want is to buy a Pianola. Call more than one Pianola repair company and take your time. Go look at anything you may be interested and compare pricing, quality of sound, appearance, and tune.

will happily do services for pianos

Of course, most Pianola repair companies in Sydney will happily do services for pianos as well. For example, Pianola Man Bruce Campbell buys, sells, fixes, tunes and restores both pianos and Pianola's!

He's been doing this work for so long that he’s built up quite a reputation. So, whether what you want is to sell or to restore an antique family heirloom, plenty of opportunities abound for Pianola repaircompany in Sydney.

So call Bruce NOW on 02 9632 2302.


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