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Tuning and Voicing: Pianola Repair Service in Sydney Knows The Difference!

Most piano and Pianola owners are aware of the fact that in order to keep their instruments in working condition, they must be cared for regularly. For this reason, they call in a Pianola repair service in Sydney once a year or so. In general, both of these great harps with their accompanying hammers will need a good tuning at least once a year, preferably twice and after every move. What many owners are not aware of, however, is that the Piano or Pianola must also be Voiced once a year. So what is the difference?

Pianola repair service in Sydney

A tuning involves tightening and loosening the strings as is necessary to have the notes play accurately and with the proper pitch. Strings that have loosened start to fall flat when played and of course, strings that have tightened due to warping wood will rise up sharp. Changes in humidity will cause this to happen and will moving the piano or just time.

Voicing, however, involves a bit more work and necessitates a very fine ear and a lot of training to be done properly. Rather than just paying attention to the note accuracy, voicing is about the sound quality. Are the notes too bright or too harsh? The hammers are carefully inspected for wear and the felt and head replaced or repaired as necessary to give the piano an even sound across the entire board.

Depending on how often and how hard the piano is played will determine how often it will need to be voiced. There is a Pianola repair service in Sydney that has an expert that would be happy to give a consultation, free of charge, on the condition of your piano. He is The Pianola man.

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