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Find a Player Piano Repair Service in Sydney for Your Antique Heirloom

Do you have an old, out of tune player piano? Do you live in the Sydney area? Call a player piano repair service in Sydney today. A beautiful Pianola deserves to be restored to full working order. The player pianos were developed in the 1890's, before the advent of the radio. They were immensely popular through the 1920's until the stock market crash of 1929. Since that time, radio, tape, cd and now digital media have removed the player piano from the market, though a few are still being manufactured. It is a testament to the skill of the original makers that some Pianola's are still functioning today.

Nothing sounds like a beautiful piano

If you own a player piano it is most probably an antique. Give it the care it deserves and find a player piano repair service in Sydney today. Restore your Pianola to its original golden sound and beautiful wood finish. Order rolls of old classics or new tunes from QRS. New music is still being translated to a player piano roll for your enjoyment. Don't let your player piano grow dusty with disuse. Nothing sounds like a beautiful piano that has been tuned pounding its way through a classic tune. With all of the restoration options available don't delay. Your piano won't simply offer an alternative to flat sounding digital media when you entertain it will also be a show piece in your home. Choose a matching finish and let the old world beauty and wood tones brighten up the dingiest room.

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