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Bruce Campbell Offers Player Piano Servicing in Sydney

Bruce Campbell has been serving pianos and Pianolas for many years. Sydneysiders have been coming to him for advice, tunings and sales for a very long time and as such, he has quite a reputation. The Pianola Man is the person to call when you are having trouble with your piano or Pianola. Bruce offers Player Piano Servicing in sydney, which is impressive as these are rare, now, and it's hard to find technicians that have the skills needed to properly care for a Player Piano.

Campbell is the Pianola man, though, and has the expertise you need to fully restore your antique Pianola. Have it “singing” and bringing smiles to faces in no time. You, too, can own a piece of history, snatched right out of time, when you hire the services of the Pianola Man. Player Piano Servicing in Sydney doesn’t get any better than this. High quality work, attention to detail and an expert ear for tune are all things you will find Bruce Campbell well suited for.

As a member of the Australasian Piano tuners and Technicians Association, Bruce can guarantee you'll be receiving the most up to date, fantastic service available in the industry. He takes real pride in his work and is looking forward to hearing from you today. Whether you are interested in selling a piano, selling a Pianola or having one of either serviced or repaired, Bruce Campbell is ready to help.

So call Bruce NOW on 02 9632 2302.


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