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Piano Lost its Spark? Ring a Sydney Pianola Repair Service

Eventually, no matter how much it is loved, a pianos performance loses some of its pizazz. This is due to the compression of the felt, wood warping or other issues of wear and tear. A Sydney Pianola repair service should be able to do fix these problems. The process used is called regulation and it involves adjustments as seemingly small as turning a small screw to something quite labour intensive like sanding down a wood surface.

A piano should have the same touch and a sound that is consistent across all notes. It needs to be able to do this at the same time as comfortably achieving the widest possible range of dynamics. The goal of regulation is to make the piano's touch and sound consistent across all notes, allow it to comfortably achieve the widest possible range of dynamics. This is the process referred to as regulation.

Many different kinds of regulation may be necessary but here are the four main ones:

  • Let-off, the point when the hammer disengages from the jack and flies freely. If the let off is too large or too small, it affects the sound quality in a negative way, making it impossible to correctly play music.
  • Drop, how far the hammers fall back after let-off. This affects the responsiveness of the action.
  • Repetition springs in a grand piano. These allow a hammer to repeatedly strike with minimal lifting of a key. If a spring is too springy, it can cause double-strikes; if not springy enough, it becomes difficult to repeat a note.
  • Key weights (and, in some actions, weight-regulating springs) control the inertia of the keys. A Sydney Pianola repair service can add, remove, or change lead weights in the keys, changing how light or heavy the keys feel.

None of these things should ever be attempted in a "do it yourself" fashion. Always call a Sydney Pianola repair service if you think regulation is something that needs to happen.

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