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The sound of a piano is one of the most beautiful, enchanting sounds you could ever wish to hear, especially when played by a skilled musician. The older the piano, the more potential there is for rich, melodic tones to come dancing out of the soundboard. Unfortunately, like anything else in life, a piano that isn't serviced for a long time eventually incurs a lot of damage and will need to be restored in order to work properly and produce a lovely sound.

Any chips, dents, scrapes or crackling?

To determine if it needs restoration on the inside, open it up and take a look at the soundboard, the action, the pedals and the strings and pins. A piano is essentially a very large harp and it is precisely calibrated so even something as seemingly insignificant as a loose peg can lower the quality of sound. But a cracked soundboard and broken action parts will cause your piano to not work properly at all. Also, take a careful look at the outside of the piano and at the keys. Any chips, dents, scrapes or crackling?

tuning, fixing and fully restoring Pianos and Pianolas

Once you've determined that your piano needs restoration, the next step is to call the Pianola Man. Sydney Pianola service can't offer better work than that of the Pianola Man. Bruce Campbell has been tuning, fixing and fully restoring Pianos and Pianolas for many years. Before you make any decisions about the care of your piano, ring the Pianola Man for a free consultation. Sydney Pianola service as provided by the Pianola Man, will help you determine if restoring your piano is necessary or not.

So call Bruce NOW on 02 9632 2302.


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