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A piano is one of those classic pieces of furniture that never goes out of style. Grand, baby grand or upright, there is an irresistible charm to a piano. Pianos, like any instrument, require regular maintenance and routine cleanings and tunings. Having it tuned periodically and maintained will protect your investment or keep a family heirloom in a state of grace and refinement. You will need to have your piano tuned at least twice a year and have a full service done every 2-5 yrs. This will keep your piano in pristine condition and, more importantly, keep it sounding utterly beautiful. Really, you'd be surprised how much better it will sound after a full service.

It is of paramount importance that you hire a professional and do not try to do home repairs on your piano. A professional is highly trained in Sydney Pianola Servicing and also offers piano maintenance services. Whether your piano just needs a tune up or you are interested in restoring it, you can't go wrong with the Pianola Man. Bruce Campbell has years of experience tinkering with, tuning and restoring both pianos and Pianolas alike. He takes a special pride in doing careful work and has the best ears for tuning in the business. Nobody will care for your pride and joy with the finesse and attention to detail that the Pianola Man will. Sydney Pianola Servicing is unmatched when it's attended to by the master, Bruce Campbell.

So call Bruce NOW on 02 9632 2302.


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