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Ring a Sydney Player Piano Repair Company Twice a Year!

Piano tuning requires specific tools meant for use on a piano. It is extremely unwise to try to tune a piano or player piano on your own; unless of course, you happen to be a trained piano technician. The same can be said for just about any other internal work that needs to be done on your piano or Pianola. Small mistakes can lead to very costly repairs so it's always better to hire a professional.

Some troubles you may be having the require the locating of a Sydney player piano repair company may be a piano that is out of tune, tones that sound too harsh, pedals that aren't quite working, the suspicion of mice or moths inside, or moisture on the soundboard. Having a Sydney player piano repair company come out and tune your piano or Pianola twice a year is a great way to avoid major problems as any minor ones will be caught and fixed during the tuning process. For example, regulation can easily be done while the piano is open for a tuning.

While the easiest way to catch problems early while keeping your Pianola sounding lovely s to have it tuned twice a year, there are other, simple things that can be done to extend the life and beauty of your instrument. For starters, be sure to keep the back closed whenever you don't have a good reason for it to be open. Dust particles and sunlight both can have negative effects on the inside mechanisms of a Pianola. Also, cover the keys most of the time when they are not in use, for similar reasons. Some air and sun exposure is good for them, however, as it helps to keep the keys from yellowing.

Finally, never keep any liquid or potted plants on the piano. It is a lovely decoration, yes, but it is not a counter-top, it is an instrument and water WILL damage it, sometimes so badly that the whole thing needs to be restored.

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