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Call Sydney Player Piano Service for the Best Kind of Gift

Some people find that as their loved ones get older, they become harder to shop for. It's not that they are less grateful or anything, it's just that they have so much already and there is so much history to their lives that thoughtful gifts mean a lot more than flashy ones. It's not as easy to find an elderly person the perfect gift as it is for a teenager.

If you know someone who is older and you're struggling over what to get then for Christmas this year, check and see if they have a piano or a player piano. These things have a way of staying in the family for generations, even when nobody plays. Something about the presence of a Pianola just makes an entire room grander, somehow. Wouldn't it be even more stately and charming if it worked? Just think about the gasps of delight when that old player sparks to life and fills the room with the music of history.

player piano service

Sydney has player piano service to offer and you can't get much better than The Pianola Man. The Pianola Man is none other than Bruce Campbell. He's been helping people all over Sydney restore their player pianos for many years. As a member of the Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of NSW (Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association), you can be sure his service is thorough, top quality and something that he takes a special pride in. The Pianola Man would be happy to give you a free consultation so that you can get started making a miracle for this Christmas in Sydney with player piano service.

So call Bruce NOW on 02 9632 2302.


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