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Restore Life and Charm with Sydney Player Piano Servicing

Player pianos are some of the most interesting, beautiful and unique instruments ever created. If you have one, you are undoubtedly delighted with it. Obviously, it is important to you to keep it in excellent working order so that you can amuse and delight yourself and your friends with its charming music.

There are some important things to keep in mind when caring for your Pianola. The first thing is to be sure you actually play it at least once a month for 15 minutes. This is important because the bellows will develop a resistance to moving if you don't make them do so regularly. Secondly, it is important to be sure to cover the keys with a cloth when the piano is not in use and to keep the soundboard enclosed. Yes, it looks nicer open but the dust particles and sunlight will actually damage the interior over time. So unless it’s in use or being displayed, keep it closed. Never, ever place anything liquid or likely to need liquid (such a potted plants) on your Pianola. If water gets into the soundboard, have it serviced immediately.

Fourthly, and along those same lines, be sure to have your Pianola tuned twice a year. It is absolutely not a good idea to try to do this yourself or to repair any internal issues on your own. Sydney player piano servicing is available and we recommend The Pianola Man, Bruce Campbell. A trained expert not only has the delicate skills necessary to keep your equipment running correctly, he also has the proper tools and replacement parts. One tiny mistake can cost you a lot of money in repairs so be sure to hire a professional. Sydney player piano servicing via Bruce Campbell is the best in the business!

So call Bruce NOW on 02 9632 2302.


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